The Jon Alster Lunge Punch

This is one of the most basic of techniques that I use when I need to demonstrate how effective beginner techniques are. In fact, it's one of the top things I've got in my black belt bag of tricks - the lunge punch. Done properly, and a few of my friends can attest, it can hardly be seen, let alone stopped. Yet it is simple and not difficult to do at all.

I attribute most of the wow factor to just one man - Jon Alster. I harp about the oizuke or the front lunge punch all the time. Yet I should be calling it the 'Jon Alster' punch.

Jon, or Mr Alster, or now Master Alster was one of my sparring partners back in the States. He was very kind to provide me lifts to a 'by-invitation-only' senior belt training session. In fact, I treasure his time mentoring me informally so much that I have done internet searches a few times a year using his name. Finally I was happy to have discovered last week that he's developed a website for his school.

When we were training together, Jon was a very strong athletic black belt. Aside from his obvious talent, he had this awesome front lunge punch that I absolutely dreaded. You just can't stop it, you can't run away from it, and he drills 3 to 4 punches into you whilst you're being pummeled backward.

This is not a light flippy punch. This is a devastating powerful knock out weapon - and I can't say enough for it's effectiveness. Kickers have to be aware that it can be pulled out faster than most kicks too - and performed at any range.

The best thing is that it can hardly be seen. I've done this technique so often that there came a point where I had to decide not to use it so often.

Now I wonder if I can interest Master Alster to come on this post to extol some of the secret components that make this punch work.

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