Dan-gun: Shuto into Roundhouse Punch

This image (again one I ripped off the net) isn't exactly like what occurred during the sequence described below. But I thought there were some similarities - beyond the stylistic differences.

We were doing a drill yesterday from Taekwondo pattern Dan-gun which required our yellow belts to block on oncoming punch with a shuto to the outside of the striking arm. Lead hand then crests over the punching arm and does a roundhouse punch to the opponent's face. I was walking around looking at the other students when Adina calls out that she's having some problems. It seems as though she's 'stuck'. Exactly as she was supposed to, the blocking hand is applying pressure onto the punch, but then she can't 'crest' over the punch to strike the face - because the punching arm is still there. What I demonstrated to her is basically relaxing the shuto arm in a split second and popping the elbow over the punching arm - like a bong sao. This is not where hard style meets soft style. This is just redirecting the flow of force in order to seek those loopholes or avenues back into your opponent. Our wing chun brothers can teach us a lot about this.

Bong Sao


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