Dan-gun: Defence against Front Kick - Punch Combo

Step 13-14: Lower block follow by Upper Block -- or 'The Elvis'

Dan-gun Drill: We do a drill for yellow belts taking the lower and upper block from step 13 and 14 to defend against a front kick and head high punch. The lower block folds, using the right folding hand to deflect the front kick whilst the lower block itself is a strike to the inner thigh or groin. The upper block fold deflects a head high punch and the upper block strikes either the tricep of the attacking hand or the jaw of the attacker dependent on which hand is striking.

At our Martial Arts Practice Last Night: Enter one of my students who is 'trying' not to hurt me. After the strike to the leg, he throws a punch with his right hand that is not aimed at my head, but crosses and goes off about 6 inches to the right of my head. This means that when I deflect the punch with my right hand, it is not really deflected, but is pushed right into my face! ... striking me in the eye!

I was not impressed.

Martial arts need you to have intent: Now folks, for opponents to be good opponents, all of us need to intend to strike us. If you do the strike half heartedly, there is no point in practicing! You need to have intent. Even the most basic of punches will not succeed if you don't have 'intent'.

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[Mat] said…
"I was not impressed."


Sorry for your eye!

Since a while, I've learned to really punch at people. It is better exercice. but, it hurts a bit more too...

Oh well, without breaking eggs
Colin Wee said…
There was no intent behind the punch and my eye was not poked out.

Gave me the opportunity to show off an ippon ken. Lightly. (I'm so nice).


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