Getting Punched in the Gut

I suppose this could be part of the discussion relating to the lifecycle of a punch. But truth is I wanted my students to feel how it is like to hit a person and how it feels like to get hit. The punch is a simple hook punch to the gut, the setup for the longer range lunge punch. I wanted it done with the reverse hand so that I could get some hip twist included, sending the COG from the back foot to the front foot (sink that COG into the ball of the front foot!). I wanted to see the arm 'connect' to the body with the elbow and the forearm held closely to the ribs. Meaning, the arm is not the 'thing' that generates the power - it's the body that generates the power!!! However I noticed a lot of the students were letting their arm swing - disconnected from their core. Get those lats and pecs working, my goodness. Link that arm with the body using some isometric muscle contraction - it's dead simple. Drive the movement with your hip and you can feel some real solid transmission of power just from leg movement. Breathe out when you do so and keep your forward hand up between yourself and your opponent. Good fun to be had by all!

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wmioch said…
But how did it go Colin? Did the class manage to get some good punches out? Or did you have to line everyone up at the end and give them a real good one?

I remember one experience when I was sparring in my mid-teens with a tall, thinly built guy that was probably in his mid-twenties. A front kick snapped out that I walked into and it went right through me and into my stomach. I remember being fine for about two seconds and then pretty much collapsing. Good kick.

Colin Wee said…
Hahahah. No real power was used, and no hapless students were harmed in the making of this blog post. The acid test is striking with power using purely technique. If this happens, the effort on the part of the puncher will be minimal. So that's what I'm looking out for - significant power with nominal effort.

I usually up the juice if they're holding the strike mitts. That's when it becomes slightly uncomfortable. Both approaches (along with non-contact drills) are good for practicing upper body strikes.


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