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This is a Traditional Taekwondo Blog created to look at techniques from training sessions in our weekly Taekwondo practice here in Perth, Western Australia. It's been easy for me to focus on my Taekwondo students as they progress, and discuss things that matter to their practice. So, tell me ... would you like to see me discussing more advance techniques? Or would you like me to discuss basic Taekwondo techniques but with a coaching perspective? Such may be a departure from the basic Taekwondo syllabus (though I'll still endeavour to cover basic techniques but not so frequently). Let me know and I'll try to cater to your interests.


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StuF said…
Personally, I like any techniques from a coaching perspective...sharing information on HOW we teach is something that is not done enough in the martial arts world.
Colin Wee said…
Certainly, and it's my gut feel that people who follow this blog are a little more senior and might want the information positioned as such. Currently I just post on content covered in class, adding stuff I may have not been able to cover. The coaching approach is covered - tangentially, but it's fairly easy to push that perspective. Thanks for the feedback. Colin
[Mat] said…
I like your blog the way it is.

Colin Wee said…
Thanks Mat. I'm just looking at other options to fine tune the approach. Colin
Hi Colin, I'm enjoying all the posts I read definately - they make sense and I get the ideas clear in my head. You have at least on KUP grade enjoying it. Andy
Colin Wee said…
Thanks Andy. Yeah, if you haven't guessed already, this blog follows the path of a specific group of my students as they progress through the ranks. It's easy for me to just pick out some technique they're practicing and post on it, rather than go hop-scotching around to post randomly on seniors, intermediates or beginners. :-) Colin

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