Taekwondo Do san: Double Knife Hand Against Lapel Grab

Close Quarter Fighting - Do-san Taekwondo Pattern Step 13-16 defence to a double lapel grab.

Sunday we practiced defence against double lapel grab using step 13-16 of Do-san pattern. Applied for two situations - one where you are held against a wall and can't drop your weight or move forward easily, and two where you have some freedom of movement.

For the first situation (against a wall), we used the fold and double 'striking' motion to effect a nikyo or 'wrist turn in' or a 'Z-lock' wrist lock. Turning to the right, you reach over the opponent's left hand and grab the blade of his hand with your left fingers with thumb in the webbing of his hand. Turn back to face opponent and rotate his left hand. Your right should put pressure on his left elbow. His arm should now be bent - his hand in front of your left chest/shoulder and his elbow directly in front of your right shoulder.

For the second situation, the attacker has grabbed your shirt or gi. The arms fold over his arms and then you drop your weight like a pile driver onto his forearms. The movement works by pulling your legs upward, so that you are 'suspended' in the air, and while you are brought down by gravity, your arms strike downward on his arms, then lock in to bring your weight on top of his forearms. Follow up with a shoulder grab, head butt, and front kick to the groin.



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