Tekki: Slap and Serve

We had two veterans come to our club over the weekend - they've got previous training a couple of years ago and are now in the 'master's category'. Given that they've got different needs to my other beginners, I have sorted them into a separate training from the other beginners.

We got them immediately on Tekki's first two steps. Side cross step, big stomp into horse stance and open back hand block. This was applied to defence against hook punches to upper and mid section. We started with simple hand slaps using both hands to deflect the various hook punches. Then moved to the Tekki opening move - using right hand to deflect hook punches from both left and right sides. Then gap closing to slap forearm into opponent's neck.

The move is like rotating a big steering wheel with both hands. The strike in itself is not a light 'whipping' motion. It is a strong, body-driven slam using mid to upper forearm.

One major move broken into a block/strike to improve speed and to match one technique against a varied number of strikes.

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becky said…
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Colin Wee said…
PLEASE - give the marketing a break.

[Mat] said…

marketing for the masses. LOL

You are very good,
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