Joong Do Kwan 중도관 [中道館] Tae Kwon Do or 'School of the Middle Way' is based in Perth, Western Australia. We are a small group of martial art practitioners and students who practice Traditional Taekwondo. Our lineage of Taekwondo was exported out of Korea in the mid 1950s and continues to enjoy its proximity to its Karate cousins. Joong Do Kwan uses the Chang Hon set of Taekwondo patterns as our main syllabus. Currently, Joong Do Kwan is headed by Colin Wee (6th Dan). The Traditional Taekwondo Techniques Blog has been a resource he started to help discuss techniques as they occurred in class.

27 Jul 2007

Taekwondo Beginners: Striking a Target

I made a point to the white belts on Thursday - when they were working on their forward lunge punch. The point was that when you're striking a target, you need to focus on the target, and not on the human holding it behind. I noticed that power was not being delivered when it should because the punch was being 'calibrated' for the person holding on to the hand mitt. This means that 'kime' or strike focus was not occuring. When such a focus happens, the technique is sound, the muscles lock up properly, and the power of the practitioners legs are delivered into the hand mitt. Otherwise the punch may look powerful, but does not end up hitting the target powerfully. So, when you're aiming at a hand mitt, focus on the face of the mitt and the one/two inches behind it.

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