Do-san: Introduction to Sparring

Last night our Orange belt student (the other orange belt student has sustained a rugby injury) was put through 'introductory sparring'. Meaning he got his sparring gear on, and I launched strikes at him in order for him to learn what to expect during sparring, learn how it feels like to be struck, how to keep hands up and moving (change direction every 3-4 seconds), keeping his chin tucked in, and for him to deflect strikes with elbows and forearms. The class before that included some similar exercises done in a 'one-step' sparring environment - but the intro sparring session was continuous and lasted 3 rounds of about 3 minutes - in order that he understands that he needed to synthesize the basics into a fluid and responsive pattern to meet what was thrown at his direction. I used wide swings, straight heel palms to the forehead, pushing kicks - basically slamming my forearms into his elbow for good effect (though my arms are a little sore today). As you'd expect he was dripping with sweat and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


ps. The big lesson is ... martial arts is way safer than rugby, folks! ;-)

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Colin Wee said…
Principles of Sparring from Martial Arts Forms - Collection of entries on TMAC Forum regarding sparring and Taekwondo.
StuF said…
The picture reminds me of a certain Seinfeld episode...
Colin Wee said…
Which one?

StuF said…
Don't know the episode name, but I remember that Kramer was taking MA and the rest of the crew found out that most of his fellow students were kids. They criticize him about beating up on small children, but the episode ends with all of the kids ganging up on Kramer and taking him down! His catchphrase of the episode is something like, "It's not size that matters in Karate, Gerry, it's the skill level."

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