Chon-ji: Breakfalling

I teach a simple leg reaping throw as an interpretation from the last two motions of Chon-ji - which are two forward punches done stepping backward. The punches are a way to push the shoulders back and the step back is a way to slice the opponent's legs out from under him.

To do a throw, one has to be able to do a breakfall first. We do ours progressively from a simple rolling back and forth on our backs to a roll backward and then forward to a kneeling position. All the while looking down and our belt knots to keep our heads off the floor. Hand slaps occur at a 45 degree downward angle from the body. The breath is exhaled sharply when you slap the ground. The slap is important to teach timing and safety - breaking any habits of sticking your hand out to the ground to stop your fall.

Today I applied a simple lock to the beginners in order for them to perform a breakfall from standing and to one side. The rule of thumb is to get one leg bent and the other leg straightened in order for the ankles not to knock into each other. The slapping of the ground is still essential.


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