How closely can you get Kata to display Combat Experience?

Q. What happens when you take your combat experience and try to perform your kata?
Q. What happens when you use a 'sportive' power generation technique during your kata?

I was noticing something interesting at the last training session. My pre-grading students were falling over themselves doing their kata. Turns were off. Lunges were overdone. The problem? The problem is that they were trying to perform their techniques in the manner in which they were performing them on striking mitts/power bags - overextending their centre of gravity in order to get more sriking force.

Kata is a traditional exercise, and the way we do it focuses less on shoulder rotation and/or the throwing of your whole body into the shoulder and through the strike. To gain more force in this exercise you should generate the power through your legs, send it into your core, and then fire it into the weapon. In this way you can better control the equilibrium and take the 'recoil' back into your body. Rather than teetering over the front foot.

Without the pads, they would end up committing their focus beyond the point at which they could re-balance themselves and then, with their COG off, this would mess up an otherwise easy kata.

Kata, as I told them, is the syllabus. There are many other skills that need to be shown, but during the kata part of the test, the student has only to show their understanding of 'the structure' of the syllabus. For kata, this translates to 'performing' only the sequence of killing techniques with mental commitment. Physically, the body needs to maintain the 70% COG in front stance and the 30% COG in back stance. The weight is dedicated into the floor and kept low.


ps. The folk at Bullshido seem to have something to say about this post. Check out their comments. Just discount the rudeness. And for the record, everything we're doing has a purpose, we just need to know how each are building us as overall martial artists. For instance, I use bag gloves on a heavy bag - but I don't wear those gloves whilst out, so do I hold back body shots? And I certainly don't perform kata the same way I hit that bag, but I still train using a variety of different exercises. So yes, they are imagining things. I assume that's what happens with internet warriors who have little coaching experience.



Patrick Parker said…
Hmmm... Somehow I missed this article the first time around. It is a very good post! Thought-fuel!

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