Chon-ji Middle Block Drill with Partner

The above video is from 2007 when we were bumming facilities off an unknowing local primary school here in Perth.

Sorry about the dimness - the video was off my phone. Notice the breathing, the extended elbows, dropped forehead, and the head high block! All this from a white belt! Amazing.

The following video is from 2017 ...

The preamble on YouTube reads:
Yop Markgi - possibly one of the most under-rated techniques in Taekwondo. How do you possibly get any power from that lateral move, depending on rotator cuff muscles to cut a move out of the line of your body? The simple answer is - YOU DON'T. 
The technique is a great close quarter technique that can be used to lever the arm, strike the body and other satellite extremities, and used to cover your vital areas. These extend from head high targets to the edge of your ribs! Yes, it does.  
Here we're running our two weekend beginners through a drill that helps them practice both centreline punching and that Yop Markgi middle blocking technique.  
While it is only a drill - take a closer look at what both hands are doing to cover - and then what do they do when that blocking hand is sent out. :-) 
Hope you enjoy.  
Just shows that there *are* things worth practicing, and that indeed we do practice them when required.


supergroup7 said…

What a great start to the path.. good job.
Colin Wee said…
Yeah - not too bad. :-)

Colin Wee said…
Mir - I think you'll be able to see this video better now. :-) Colin

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