Chon-ji Combat-Ready Acid Test

Instructor: Sound off!
Student: Chon-Ji of TaeKwon-Do Hyung.
Instructor: How many movements?
Student: 19.
Instructor: How many different movements?
Student: 3.
Instructor: What does Chon-Ji mean?
Student: Heaven and Earth.

What does that actually communicate? What insight does that show for Chon-ji?

The primary technique of Chon-ji consists of ...

  • Low section outer forearm low block in front stance
  • Move forward in front stance and execute a middle section lunge punch

And that's it! The other move is a yop marki middle block. So if every kata guideline is correct, the person that you've struck with step 1 and 2 should be either TKO'd OR maimed and hurt badly OR dead.

This is one of the acid tests that shows you know your Chon-ji well enough. The lunge punch needs to be able to strike an opponent (holding a striking mitt or powerbag), and if that opponent is the same weight as you, you should be rocking him backwards with the force of your punch. If you can't do this - YOU DON'T PASS to yellow belt!

The trick is to understand that the striking power from Chon-ji comes predominantly from the legs and the acceleration you get when you're lunging at full speed. This is not a step, it requires a powerful accelerative force. The body and trunk remain fairly flexible until the point of impact - where the body then locks into place in order that the entire striking force of the punch is unleashed through the skeletal system into the target. What does that mean? It means that you are transmitting the mass of your moving body through the core muscles, up through the chest and into the tightly held arm. Strike only with your arm and the opponent is not going to budge much.

The technique is really important - the picture shown above is 'about there' - but I'd prefer that the stance be a little longer to show how you would generate the force from forward momentum. I would like the arm to be 'locked' closer to the chest wall using the pecs and lats.

I saw a beginner exhaling all his breath at the end of the extension. What we do is to start the exhalation at the start of the move in order to get off the starting line, increase core tension and exhale harder through the move - BUT continue exhaling after full extension. This is essential if you are going to tighten up all your muscles and send your force into your fist. The core trunk of your body supports this by tightening up your abs and pushing the entire upper body into the direction of the strike.

I have been struck by a 140lbs 15 yo boy and moved back at least 1.5 feet because of the blow. I myself have TKO'd an opponent (inadvertently .. I didn't really mean to) by striking him with cotton pads on using this lunging technique. This BASIC technique from Chon-ji.

This is an incredible technique and will hurt you as bad as any good kick.

Keep practicing!

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