Taekwondo Dan-gun Drills Against Strikes

Taekwondo Dan-gun Drills

This post describes a training session we did looking at drills from Taekwondo pattern Dan-gun.

The first ran some defences from an overhead strike. The drill centred around two upper blocks (Chukyo Marki), the second being an elbow break or strike to the triceps. We modified the timing slightly so that the upper blocks are done close together - meaning the second strike is done very quickly after the first.

The video above is a recent addition to this post and shows a more complete JDK lesson applying the upper blocks from Dan-gun, and Joong-gun.

Many times in the martial arts we talk about 'natural movement.' But basic patterns contain movements that are far from natural. Swinging your arms like you're walking for instance, is natural. Clapping is natural. Folding your arms and then shooting one upwards into the sky like you're sniffing your armpit, and then pulling the other one next to your hip is just not a natural movement.

There are a few movements we have in our normal lives that are habitual and can be compared with various techniques in the martial arts. Pointing for one can be compared to a linear strike. Swinging the arms can be compared to a knife hand strike.

Other movements like this upper block however, require different analogies in order for beginners to learn their lessons. I urge all instructors to be innovative when you think of innate movements students can understand and then apply to their techniques.

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