Training Warriors for the 21st Century

Training Warriors for the 21st Century
Joong Do Kwan Traditional Taekwondo cross training with Kidokwan Perth

17 Apr 2007

Taekwondo Dan-gun Drills Against Strikes

Taekwondo Dan-gun Drills

Today we did some drills from Taekwondo pattern Dan-gun.

The first ran some defences from an overhead strike. The drill centred around two upper blocks (Chukyo Marki), the second being an elbow break or strike to the triceps. We modified the timing slightly so that the upper blocks are done close together - meaning the second strike is done very quickly after the first. Then leading hand is pulled back into a vertical shuto (Soodo) striking the neck or back of the next. The second shuto breaks the opponent's nose. This session we looked for accuracy in the upper block strike and a modicum of control over the opponent's arm and body.

The next drill we did was a shuto block to an oncoming punch followed by roundhouse punch over the shoulder to the temple using reverse hand. Then leading hand does a roundhouse punch into face. We looked at proper shifting of centre of gravity, landing strikes onto targets, breathing, and timing.

Many times in the martial arts we talk about 'natural movement.' Basic patterns contain movements that are far from natural. Swinging your arms for instance, is natural. Clapping is natural. Folding it right next to your ear and then accelerating it toward your knee is not natural. So there are a few things we do in our normal lives that are habitual and easy. We should capitalise on such movements when we identify them within the form, and if they are easy to learn and replicate, should be used to help the beginner form some solid workable skills.

This helps the beginner learn how to use both hands which in turn will help them improve on their learning of beginner forms like Dan-gun.



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